Your Ceremony ~ Your Way

It is said that a child is sacred, as they have just come from a sacred place.

As long as humanity has been on the Earth; the mystery of the womb and child birth has never lost its awe and inspiration.

We aim to honor the sacred journey your child has taken and enhance your families connection.

Child Blessing Ceremony Tree Circle
Choosing a Shamanic Celebrant
allows you to create and present a ceremony
that truly reflects
your style your vision and your spirituality

The effectiveness of the ceremony

Empowered through each person attending and participating

In their own unique way

The script is designed and aims to fulfill how united we are.

To convey a sense of belonging.

Tree Circle Child Ceremoneis

Once you book with us there’s a consultation

where suggestions and directions

structure the ceremony to make it inclusive and enjoyable.

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Our fees

Bespoke Child Ceremonies start at £258.00* (script only)

Our Bespoke ceremony package includes:


Ceremony planning and support

Presentation Ceremony Service Order

Presentation Script

Presentation Ceremony Certificate

Shamanic Celebrant officiating event

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It takes a village to raise a child

Tree Circle Child Ceremoneis Child Honouring Ceremony.
At Tree Circle we encourage sibling participation.
Often by allowing this we observe them taking a nurturing leadership role.

Find out about our Rites of Passage ceremonies.

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Clients Comments…

“This naming ceremony was so different and unique. It provided real spirituality and knowledge regarding our Culture.”

“The ceremony was amazing, traditional and spiritual with fantastic symbolism. Enjoyed it very much.”

“The ceremony beautifully expressed we are all connected and a community.

AamaSade. The atmosphere changed with your spoken words. Continue to Bless.”

“Beautiful ceremony, gave me food for thought ~ very spiritual.”