At Tree Circle we acknowledge that life is eternal.

Tree Circle Natural Burial
Promoting natural burials and envirioment friendly products and services.

Death is a natural process of life and although circumstanses may be tragic at times, it is our duty and intention to ensure that ones departing are honoured.

For the living, there’s a challenging shift that happens when we are close to someone dying. This transforms both the living and the one releasing.

Soul Midwife

In my lifetime Ive delivered many babies. I was encouraged to train as a midwife. I was intrigued to learn that those that support the dying are also reffered to as midwives.

Many cultures make the connection between babies and elderly saying that both elders and babes are closest to God as one has just come and the other leaves soon.

I’ve had the honour of befriending those crossing over as well as offering methods of release and grounding.

Tree Circle Ceremonies. Soul Midwife

As a Soul Midwife I offer holistic naturopathic therapies, energy balance and realignment and family support or mediation.

Our Fees

Funeral Ceremonies start at £256.00

Should you be experiencing the sad loss of a new born our fee is greatly reduced.

Other end of life services include:

Soul Midwife services

End of life rituals

Family mediation

For a prompt reply call or text the number below below or message here.

Let the words of our mouth and the meditation of our heart be acceptable in they sight Oh Fari”

Song ~ Rivers of Babylon

Children can at times share heartfelt words and expressions that grieving adults cannot.
If you’re concerned about explaining death to a child or managing grief we can offer direction.


Ceremonial end of life practice is universal and as diverse as the people on the Earth.

An important aspect of death is acknowledging our Ancestors.

It is an important and satisfying grieving process for the family and loved ones involved.

Tree Circle Ceremonies Drummers
Acoustic musicians are an energising carthartic aspect of ceremony.

To enquire on services offered click here to speak with Aama Sade.

Clients Comments

“I was dreading this day. In so many ways it was the worst day of my life. Yet you managed to bring us together – cos my family can be prickerly at the best of times! By the end of the ceremony we were celebrating together. Laughing and singing – it was really amazing. I can’t thank you enough!

Blessing and gratitude for walking through this with me and my son.